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    EGGS!! We have two new eggs!! Different momma cause she's smaller and much more skittish but by the end she should be used to us. We had just washed the door and I was going to take the wreath down. Guess we won't be using our front entrance for the month of June. Good thing we're not going anywhere. #clutchnumbertwo #thebirdistheword #cheapproperty

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    These two cuties flew away a week ago. I told them when they hatched they had two weeks to get their sea legs and be on their way. We needed to have access to our front door as we were going out of town. Chucklebutt and I were a bit melancholy after they didn't even come back for a visit. Sigh. We got home late Sunday night and our little nest was empty. Then on Memorial Day, he comes running in the bedroom... #morningdoves #arizona #desertlife

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    There was lots of scrambling on Saturday and Sunday. I think I'm going to be sore for a week! #westclearcreek #arizona #rei1440project #canyons

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Excessive Heat Warning

Yipes!  We’re having some serious heat warnings this week — and it’s only Monday!  Thank goodness for a brand spanking new AC.  We had it put in our house at the beginning of May.  That was a bit of sticker shock.  Then today at work, the air conditioning in my office broke.  Can’t a girl catch a break?  Luckily my boss immediately called the ac guys and hopefully it will be back up and running tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy crafting and taking some super cool classes.  Was over at Carol Wingert’s house on Saturday and two weeks ago I headed to Melrose Vintage to take some Terri Brush workshops.  I haven’t had a chance to take any pictures yet, so I’ll show everyone what I did at my sweet friend Earleen’s house back in March.  Yes I realize that was a long time ago.  😀

We were given a super cute wire dress form and made lots of tags to create the skirt.

I love the tag with the wooden shoe buttons.  I found those buttons a few years ago at one of the antique malls (probably Merchant Square) and have been waiting for the perfect project.  Viola!  The perfect project.

It was an all day event and Earleen certainly treated us right.  The food, projects and company were just perfect.  Our theme was dress forms, buttons and all things pertaining to vintage sewing.  Our colors were aqua, coral and ivory.  Super cute!

I love the above tag.  There’s just something about all the threads gathered together that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

There were about 12 of us who attended and we also participated in a tag swap.  We each got an additional 12 tags (one from each woman) to add to our dress form.  Mine is definitely bursting at the seams.  I love her!

We also made a precious album but I’m still working on it.  I’ll post pics when I’ve finished it.

Thank you, thank you Earleen for a fantastic weekend!  Can’t wait till next year’s “non-event.” 😀


2 comments to Excessive Heat Warning

  • Mama Puff

    Beautiful tags! I hope you get the other pictures up sooner than later. Love you!! Miss You!!

  • Tina Capriotti

    Hi Miss Nicole! I can see you are still up to your crafty-acts! Beautiful tags! I emailed your Mama re: bib-necklace & general “How R U?”. I was curious if you attended Kim’s event this month – I didn’t. Would love for ours paths to cross creatively again. Any workshops your are attending that is note-worthy? Let’s exchange cell #’s ok? You can call mine anytime =)
    Tina Capriotti (951)634-5756 Ciao Bella!
    PS – Now that I’ve discovered Pinterest (search for me there under my name & check out my cyber-boards) my blog rarely gets a new post. Just not enough hours in the day!

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