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    Bon Voyage! Thank you @cdrice999 and @sterminator999 for supporting us on our journey! We'll miss you! #momsbig70 #qm2

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    Life at sea! We've ordered room service and are waiting for the life boat drill. You won't hear from us for a while. Chucklebutt has threatened me within an inch of my life regarding data fees- it's a LOT. Once I hit the motherland I'll be back in business. Meanwhile, I'm going to eat my way across the Atlantic. Tally-ho! #momsbig70 #qm2

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    I see you #LadyLiberty and you're looking good. #momsbig70 #qm2 #myview

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Give Chuck A Pulitzer!

On Saturday, Chucklebutt headed over to our capitol to photograph the May Day demonstrations, where many people were protesting SB1070 and related immigration issues. Somebody give my Chuck a full-time photography news job that pays lots of money! 😉

Select the preview photo below to see his own blog post with image gallery, or jump […]