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    Do you think @mamapuff999 has an affinity for readers? It's ironic that she's always looking for a pair. #collectors #collection #momsbig70

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    Mom treated me to a pedicure this week. Her happy toes are the ones with rings. #happytoes #motheranddaughter #momsbig70

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    I could listen to this all night long! #DavidsonRiver #Brevard #northcarolina #momsbig70 #missyouchucklebutt

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Give Chuck A Pulitzer!

On Saturday, Chucklebutt headed over to our capitol to photograph the May Day demonstrations, where many people were protesting SB1070 and related immigration issues. Somebody give my Chuck a full-time photography news job that pays lots of money! 😉

Select the preview photo below to see his own blog post with image gallery, or jump […]