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    ... An Egg!!! Even Chucklebutt was excited and conceded that we would have to use the garage to come in and out of the house. #nest #eggs #arizona #desertlife #birds

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    I've had my Easter wreath up well past the season. I wanted to add some mica glitter and a bow to it. Last weekend I decided to take it down. Alas, a critter had decided to make her home in it. @cdrice999 said that was an #impractical place for a #nest and we would have to move it. I told him we were impractical people and the wreath stays. All this week it has gotten bigger and bigger until yesterday...

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    Thank you so much #ArizonaDownUnderExoticPettingZoo! We had such a good time this morning. My favorite was Silver Dollar and the precious murmurings he made when being loaded up. @cdrice999 when are you going to get me an #alpaca?

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Give Chuck A Pulitzer!

On Saturday, Chucklebutt headed over to our capitol to photograph the May Day demonstrations, where many people were protesting SB1070 and related immigration issues. Somebody give my Chuck a full-time photography news job that pays lots of money!

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