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We’ve Made Contact Once Again!

Warning:  The following pictures depict gratuitous cuteness.  Not responsible for warm, cuddly feelings or exclamations of Ooooooohs and Awwwwwwwwhs.

On Saturday, while Chucklebutt was working on the computer, I was busy outside sanding a shelf.  When I went to hose down our porch, I noticed a critter running furiously towards the spigot.  I knew it was a bunny and I had high hopes of catching it.  My past two attempts had been thwarted earlier this year.   As I tried sneaking up on it, I noticed a gigantic lizard hanging out nearby.  The lizard was gorgeous but gave me the willies.  Once he skittered away, I made my move.  The bunny wasn’t having any of it and proceeded to dig underneath a planter.  I grabbed her foot and she gave a loud “EEEEEEEP!  She’s got me!” and I stuffed her in my shirt.


I banged on the window to get Chuck to come out for the photo shoot.  We had a ball!  Bare with us.


Right after this shot, she leaped over my shoulder and gave out another “EEEEEP!”  This time I let Chuck get her.


Bunnies make me feel good!


I could have hung out with her all day.


“Please put me down.”


Now it’s Chuck’s turn.


Put. Me. Down. Now.


Chucklebutt loves bunnies as much as I do.


Don’t you just want to touch her ears?


Please don’t touch my ears.”


Her feet are adorable!  “Oh the indignities.”


Cup ‘0 Bunny.


“I’m … feeling … sleepy….”

Afterwards, we set her down and off she went.  She hung around for a little while and I gave her some parsley and water.  I’m not sure whether she ate or drank anything — she was just happy to be out of our grubby little paws.

Sigh.  Life is good.  I’ve had my bunny fix for the year.  🙂

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