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    Pretty Kitty. #caturday #instacat #lolcat #catsagram #norwegianforestcat #buttkitty

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    #TGIF My students have their first performance tomorrow and I think they're ready. Last night's rehearsal went great and I'm super proud of them. #homestretch #hellweek #lesours #magnoliapearl #wildflowers

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    I love this #purple wall at the #mesaartscenter. #architecture #arizona

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We’ve Made Contact Once Again!

Warning: The following pictures depict gratuitous cuteness. Not responsible for warm, cuddly feelings or exclamations of Ooooooohs and Awwwwwwwwhs.

On Saturday, while Chucklebutt was working on the computer, I was busy outside sanding a shelf. When I went to hose down our porch, I noticed a critter running furiously towards the spigot. I knew it […]

Testing the Blogging Waters

Chucklebutt is the best husband ever! He has been hard at work designing a new blog for me. While I have enjoyed my time at Live Journal, I must admit I have had blog envy for quite some time. I have pined for pretty backgrounds, awesome badges and my own play list! Last night he […]