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Testing the Blogging Waters

Chucklebutt is the best husband ever! He has been hard at work designing a new blog for me. While I have enjoyed my time at Live Journal, I must admit I have had blog envy for quite some time. I have pined for pretty backgrounds, awesome badges and my own play list! Last night he surprised me with my new and improved blog. It rocks! The possibilities are endless and I am completely overwhelmed! So right now, I am merely testing the waters.

While we have been busy working on shows and painting our room, we noticed this weekend that our yard is completely out of control. It is so bad, we have hawks circling above waiting to pluck the unsuspecting mice, marmots and bunnies from their hiding spots. Despite this, our bougainvillea is gorgeous.



Isn’t that color beautiful?

So I have lofty aspirations for our backyard. At Christmas time, I purchased this fabulous book:


Do you know Magnolia Pearl? I adore Robin Brown and all her beautiful creations. I discovered her quite a while ago in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion and have been smitten ever since. Alas, her work is out of my price range, but it’s fun to imagine. She has a wonderful section in her book on outdoor living spaces. The possibilities are endless.


She and her partner built that gazebo. If you notice, the gate is an old iron head board. Awesome!


Wouldn’t it be decadent to have an outdoor bathtub? It reminds me of where a fairy would bathe.


I want the area off of our bedroom to look like the above. Okay Chucklebutt, get too it! 🙂

Here is another book I discovered recently–


It’s super cool and as soon as I actually start doing any housework, I’m sure it will come in handy. hahahahahahaha! (That’s probably what Chucklebutt is thinking.) Do you like the pretty dish rag? Oh yeah. I made it. How crafty is that? One of my residents taught me the pattern. It was the first complicated knitting piece I have ever done. Chuck always seemed to want to talk to me while I am counting. Go figure.


The lemon dust cloths sound really neat. We have dust like you wouldn’t believe out here in the desert. It’s out of control! Chuck hates Pledge and always pitches a fit when I use it. (He’s a bit melodramatic and launches into coughing fits.) The lemon/vinegar concoction sounds like a great alternative minus the chemicals.


Here are some more rags that I have been working on. The ladies at work introduced me to Sugar ‘n Cream. I love this yarn. You can bet that all my friends and family are going to be receiving pretty dish cloths in the mail.


Every Friday at 10am, a group of us get together to work on different projects. I’m also learning to quilt. Thank you Vera for all your patience and time!


I’ve had these little girl dresses for a few years and was waiting for just the right project. Once I learned the hexagon pattern, I took my seam ripper to the dresses and got to sewing. I’m sure this is going to be a long term project.


This was taken after a long day of painting. We were pooped. So too was Daisy — but then again, she’s always pooped.


And finally, we have one lone bloom hanging on to the Christmas cactus. So pretty.

2 comments to Testing the Blogging Waters

  • cdrice

    Tee hee hee! Chuckle T. Butt was here and says he loves his Jiggle-Puff! She has maaadd skillllz and does neat keen spiffy cool stuff!
    Word to the homies! Brooklyn…… Laaaaadiiiiieeeeeees!

  • BME

    Wow. I’m going to miss the hat. I hope you send this to every one including John, Amelia, John gibson Ane Jeannie and Pudi. They have been following your journal.
    The music is distracting. I like to like to listen to my own music while I am on the computer.

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