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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

My great-great-great-great (there may be a few more greats thrown in for good measure) grandfather was from Ireland. He immigrated to the United States in the mid-seventeen hundreds and his name was Joseph Gibson. Here’s to Papa Joe!

I discovered this today and laughed my booty off.

Chucklebutt discovered something amazing in our garden:

Is that a leprechaun?

One of the many joys of working with older adults and young people is that you get to dress up for every holiday and nobody things it’s weird. Mind you the folks driving on the freeway definitely bowed up and took notice, but I just waved and smiled.

This weekend we continued the task of painting our bedroom. Chuck has to work, but in between phone calls, he managed to slap on some primer.  You can’t tell, but it’s a light blue.  I was a bit bummed at first and wasn’t really thrilled with the color.  It’s growing on me, and once I get my girly things up on the wall, I’ll be a lot happier.  Chuck is very tolerant of my girly things as long as I don’t mess with his garage or office.

Yes we’re wearing the same shirt. I told Chuck we are just a few years away from this:

Or this:

Is it too late for us? Ah who cares! We have lots of fun!

If the girls had opposable thumbs, we would have put them to work. As it was, they snoozed in various places.

This is Scooter’s favorite spot — Chuck’s seat. She stalks him, waiting for him to get up so she can ooze into his chair.

Daisy loves the bed. You can find her there anytime day or night. I’m a sucker for pink noses and pink foot pads. I just want to eat them up!

Happy St. Paddy’s to everyone.

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