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    They grow up too fast! Can't believe how chubby they are. #babybirds #morningdoves #arizona #desertlife

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    Last one, I promise. I love the detail in the #bronze. For my Arizona friends, if you haven't been to the #BashaMuseum it is fabulous. And even better yet, it's free! If you're in the Chandler area, it's at their corporate head quarters. #bestjobever

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    I love this #blue lady. #BashaMuseum #art #sculpture

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Testing the Blogging Waters

Chucklebutt is the best husband ever! He has been hard at work designing a new blog for me. While I have enjoyed my time at Live Journal, I must admit I have had blog envy for quite some time. I have pined for pretty backgrounds, awesome badges and my own play list! Last night he […]