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    Day two of #hellweek. Lucky for me I got my #Docs and some groovey new knee highs that @mamapuff999 surprised me with in the mail. #thankyoumamapuff #docmartens

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    Can you tell that this begins my hell week? Rehearsals every night - new classes - first show on Saturday. So I'm pumping myself full of caffeine and wearing me new #LesOurs I got for a steal on #eBay . #wishmeluck #ewaiwalla

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    Spring is out of control at our house! #superstitionmountains #wildflowers #springhassprung #sonorandesert #arizona

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Chucklebutt is the best husband ever! He has been hard at work designing a new blog for me. While I have enjoyed my time at Live Journal, I must admit I have had blog envy for quite some time. I have pined for pretty backgrounds, awesome badges and my own play list! Last night he […]