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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like. . .

Christmas?  So I know the season has come and gone, but I wanted to share with everyone our holiday pictures.  First, check out the rockin’ pink wreath I made for my boss.

It’s full of vintage pink ornaments and a couple newer ones as well.  This was my first venture into using E6000 glue.  Holy Cow!  That stuff really packs a punch and can give you a crazy high if you’re not careful.

Let me just say that spary painting a fake evergreen wreath is a royal pain in the tush.  It took several coats, and as you can see it could probably use a couple more.  Both Chuck and I took turns spraying and finally gave up.  I interwove the feathers to distract from the not-so-good paint job.

I love the pink reindeer in the middle.  She’s vintage as well.  Vanessa (my boss) loved it and I must say I was really pleased with it myself.  Jan at Honeysuckle Hollow was my inspiration.  She does some amazing wreaths and I’ve been wanting to make one for over a year.

I also have to give credit to Cathy Scalise.  Her amazing home and artwork were featured in the December issue of Romantic Homes.  She gave me the idea for pink.

This picture was taken at our dear friend’s Shirley’s house.  Every Christmas Eve she hosts an open house.  We all got dolled up and headed over to her house for good eats and good company.

I love this photo of mom and me.

Once we got home, all three of us got to wrapping each other’s gifts.  We bought no new wrapping paper this season and recycled everything.

I love my mother’s tree.  We put it up on Saturday and by the following Sunday it was taken down.  She wants to get rid of it, but I won’t let her.  I’m a sentimental fool.

It was great having a fire in the fireplace.  Mind you, it was warmer in Asheville than it was in the Junction.  Crazy weather patterns.  I was actually looking forward to some cold weather.  No such luck.

When Mom and I came downstairs Christmas morning, we were greeted by some amazing cards.  Chucklebutt had been up all night working on his crafty skills.

This was Mom’s card.  The Scrabble pieces were a nice touch.  Mom was really impressed.

He even has his own set of inks and stamps.  Chucklebutt calls it his “stash.”  My baby has mad skills!

The sharing of stockings is my favorite thing to do on Christmas morning.

While we had originally agreed to take it easy this Christmas, Chucklebutt spoiled Mom and I per usual.  I told him he did way too much and he jokingly said, “Yeah, imagine what I could do when I have some real money.”  Me, I got him underwear, socks that were too big and pants that didn’t fit.  I am the lamest wife ever.  I have some serious making up to do.

We were totally pooped after all the gift-giving.

I can’t remember if this was before or after dinner, but I think it’s super cute.

This was our table setting.  Mom made a yummy roast with horseradish sauce.  Deeelish!

Of all my mother’s decorations, this is my favorite.  She has had it for years and I think my grandmother (her mother-in-law) gave it to her before I was born.  It comes from a florist shop in Waynesville.  Chuck says the gnomes creep him out.  He’s a freak!

I think this is my favorite picture we took over the holidays.  It has all of us including demon kitty in the back ground.  Faith was looking out the window just as the camera went off.

It was a wonderful holiday and we were both sad to leave Asheville.  Nothing beats home!  I still have a few more pics to share from our vacation and I’ll post them in the next few days.

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