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At the beginning of every rehearsal, I have my students do a check-in.  I learned this little gem from the awesomness that is “Cornerstone Theatre.”  If you don’t know Cornerstone, it is the closest thing we have to a national theatre in this country.  They are amazing and do amazing work.  (Here’s a shout out to paula d. if she’s reading this.  Miss and love you girl.)

Anyway, the check-in is a chance for the kids to let each of us know where they are at the moment. (Life is great.  I broke up with my boyfriend.  I failed my math test.  She loves me.  Etc.)  With my younger students, I do something called “Rose & Thorn.”  They can tell us one good thing — a rose– and one bad thing — a thorn.  Today,  my rose was life is going great.  I really have no complaints and at the moment am drama free.  We dyed Easter Eggs at work and I had a kick-ass sandwich from Crazy Subs.  A good hoagie can make everything okay.  😀

As far as my thorn is concerned, I discovered a most disturbing article on Jezebel at the beginning of the week.  Incidentally, Jezebel is my all time favorite blog that I love to decompress to.  Their byline is “Celebrity, Sex and Fashion for Women.  Without Airbrushing.”  It’s a riot, and for the most part is fodder for the brain.  However, occasionally, they have some pretty interesting articles.  Take for intstance, the fact that Joann’s Fabric Store is refusing to carry the latest issue of Quilter’s Home.  Now to be honest, I have never even heard of Quilter’s Home — I’m a Quilting Arts gal — but I couldn’t believe why they were censoring this magazine.


Just like the cover says, there was “controversial patchwork.”  According to the article, Quilter’s Home offered to wrap the issue in a brown bag — just like a girlie magazine– in order to protect all those naive crafters.  Hah!

So what did the quilts look like?  See for yourself:


jesusThis one is titled “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”


In my opinion, this was the most intense piece.  It is a response to the state flag of  Mississippi.  It definitely evokes some strong emotions.


Yeah, those little blue pills are Viagra.  If you look closer, you can see floating peni.  I think this one is hilarious!  What’s wrong with Joann’s?  If you want to check out the article, click here.

Finally, who’s to say crafting can’t be something more than eye candy?  These quilters have definitely given me something to think about.

1 comment to Crafty Censorship

  • BME

    Wow! I can understand why Joann did not want to publish. I don’t agree with them, however, that magazine is not a liberal platform for controversy. Just be glad that they still have the right of not publish.

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