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I’m Out of Surgery!

This is Chuck, posting a little update for Nicole. Chuck is writing this for me, as I am presently hopped up on synthetic morphine being delivered by a “Patient Self Administration” device (I get to press a purty green button, and everything feels grrrrrrrrreat!)…

The surgery went well, and I’ve been admitted to the hospital for a few days (as was expected) to recover. I don’t remember a moment of it, but the doctor says I was laughing and joking in the recovery room and came out of the anesthesia very well.

I’m snoozing comfortably now, and Chucklebutt and Mamma-Puff are taking shifts staying with me 24 hours a day, whether I like it or not. I’m supposed to be up and walking (or at least standing later today), and should be walking the halls tomorrow.  Chuck is enjoying the cafeteria.  [ Have you ever heard of BBQ pizza? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, it was soooo gooooood… ]

Well, that’s it for now.  They have wireless Internet access here (which is how Chuck is posting this from my bedside), so I can read your replies and maybe even write back if I’m awake and feeling up to it, so feel free to say hi!  I don’t have much else to do other than lay here and enjoy the sweet, sweet morphine…  Ummmmmm, mooooorphiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeee…..

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