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Home, Healing and a Happy Anniversary

After quite a few concerned emails and one or two phone calls, I realized that I had not let the world know I am free from the hospital.  I came home last Saturday evening and have been healing quite nicely.  Slowly I am weening myself off of the narcotics (they have been giving me some CRAZY dreams) and the ibuprofen seems to be doing the trick.  Mom has been feeding us very well and Chuck has been helping me keep my massive amount of hair in check.

Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to get out of the house, and afterwards, I was completely exhausted.  I have never felt this tired in my entire life.  Who knew that surgery could drain one’s energy so completely?!

I have received quite a few cards and emails from my residents wishing me well.  Thanks everyone for all your prayers and good thoughts!

Today, Chucklebutt and I celebrate our 4th anniversary.  Wow!  Where does the time go?  Just yesterday, my limo caught fire and a man I never met had to take Mom and I to the service.  We’ll have a proper celebration once I’m fully healed, but I want to take a moment and thank him for being a wonderful life’s partner.  Thank you Baby for all your love and support!


What a Goonie pair we are!  (We took this pic a few weeks ago while watching “My Bloody Valentine 3D.”  After a few minutes, the 3D effects started giving us a headache so we switched to the regular movie.  It was so bad.  Don’t waste your money.)

I’ll leave everyone with some recent shots of Mom, Chuck and the girls.


Scooter and Mom have finally become buddies.  Once I got home from the hospital, Scout would not leave my side.  She goes absolutely everywhere with me — to the bathroom, my craftroom, Mom’s room, the kitchen, my bed — you name it, and she is there, right by my side.  Daisy, however, is another story.  She could care less.


I wonder if Scout wasn’t around, would Daisy worry about me?  Probably not.  She just lays on the bed all day until it’s time to eat.  She is such a daddy’s girl.

Again, thank you to everyone for all their positive thoughts, energy and prayers.  They have definitely helped with the healing process. Love to All!

2 comments to Home, Healing and a Happy Anniversary

  • Jan

    I had forgotten about the flaming limo! We bridesmaids wondered where you were and kept looking out for the limo… Let’s hear it for the Toyota Highlander Man! Nicole and Chuck, your wedding was so beautiful and representative of both of your personalities. And my own wedding wouldn’t have been as awesome without you both there. For those who don’t know, Nicole and “Mama Puff” were my attendants and got me all gussied up and Chuck took a gazilllion AWESOME pictures during the entire wedding weekend.

    Everyone who knows you both knows how blessed to have you in their lives.

  • Lois Oburn

    I am glad to hear you are improving and getting off the pain meds. It really does take time to get your energy back. I know since I had that shoulder surgery in March,and I am no longer in my 30’s, the anesthetic is really hard on you although you don’t realize it.

    We had a good time at Payson yesterday several people won good, not me though Ray and I and Wanda played Bingo and none of us won anything, one man at our table wone 4 times and another lady won three times so that took up a lot of the games, but I had a good time anyway and it is alaways nice to get away from “The Home” once in awhile.

    You take all the time you need getting better, we want you back well and relaxed, we love you and miss you. Lois

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