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Bundle of Brandon

My dear sweet friend just had her first baby — Brandon Moretz Lowry.  He is now officially one week old and I mailed her care package today full of all sorts of goodies for the new momma and precious baby boy.  I am not known for my timely mailing of gifts, so it’s a bit of a miracle that he will be getting things before his college graduation.  I told Chucklebutt last week — “Time’s a wasting!  That young ‘un is growing every minute and he’s going to be too big for the britches I bought him.”

Spoiler alert Janshine!  If you want to be surprised stop reading now.  😀

I love making paper bag albums and was so excited to do one for the new Lowry.  There are so many cute baby papers out there I’m glad I finally got to use them.  The cover is a vintage baby card that I snagged in Jerome at The House of Joy.

The album is ready for the busy momma to just add pictures.

I love that little dog.

I almost made mucho tags that momma can either use for photos or journaling.

Because the album is made from paper bags, there is room from quite a few tags.

And now for some oh-so-cute clothes.  One of my favorite boutiques — Domestic Bliss — closed their doors a few weeks ago, and I scored some really fun baby stuff.

I love that bone on the pants.

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.

It’s super baby!

Have you heard of Pee-Pee Teepees?  Oh my God how ingenious!  Not ever having had a little boy, I wouldn’t know about the dangers of diaper changing, but apparently it can be pretty precarious.  I got them in camouflage in honor of Brandon’s daddy who is an ex-Marine.

And finally, my favorite gift.

What could be lurking in the bag?

What is that lurking in our aloe plants?

OMG!  Are those crazy wolf shoes?!

Check out the teeth!  You know that if they came in my size I would be sporting some!

Welcome to the world sweet Brandon!  Brace yourself little buddy — it’s going to be wild ride!


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