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So, I’m all alone this weekend and I have the entire house to myself — not counting my feline companions of course.  I’ve got to tell everyone that it feels awesome!  Chuck is living it up in Orlando (he saw Blue Man Group last night) and I am living it up on our couch.  I’ve rented a ton of movies, bought some fun yarn to make wash rags and am eating all of Chucklebutt’s jelly beans.  My favorites are the cinnamon.

At the moment, I’m watching "Hamlet 2."  The opening sequence begins when a Peter O’Toolesque voice over saying, "Where do dreams go to die?"  The next shot is of Tuscon, Arizona.  Bwahaahahahahahahaha!  It’s gonna be a great movie!   I also picked up "Repo! The Genetic Opera."  The only thing better than Anthony Steward Head, is Anthony Stewart Head singing about organ transplants, wearing black pleather and wielding a knife.  Righteous!  It’s from the producers of Saw and I am such a sucker for those gorey movies.  Mind you I can’t watch any of the new horror flicks that came out this week cause I’m also a big chicken.  I’ll have to wait until Chuck gets home and he can tell me what’s going on while I cover my eyes and plug my ears. 

I have lofty aspirations this weekend.  I plan on painting our entire bedroom.  We bought the paint in October, and I figure this would be a perfect time to start.  Realistically, I’m sure I won’t finish, and I’ll leave all the intricate stuff for you-know-who.  He’s pretty meticulous when it comes to projects and I’m of the half-ass mindset.  I also have started on the Sookie Stackhouse series.  They’re like cheese whiz — not good for you, but enjoyable going down.  Mom has read them all and she has a crush on Eric.  That probably means nothing to anyone except for Maja and she doesn’t read my blog.  Eric is a Viking vampire — in case you were wondering.

Before Chuck left for Daytona, he took some nice pics of my recent treasure hunting.  Check it out:

These were the two boxes that my swap partners gave me.  They are chocked full of all sorts of goodies.  Thanks Lisa and Rosalyn-Sue!  You ladies Rock!  The linens I found at Goodwill for dirt cheap.  Gosh I’m such a sucker for all things embroidered.

See I told you I can’t resist.  Who would give away such beauties?  I guess it’s my fortune.

This too cute teacup I got from the gals at Mystic Paper.  A few weeks ago they invited everyone over to the shop for a tea party.  We got to keep our cups.

I also have a little button problem.  You can never have too many buttons.  Well maybe you can, but I haven’t reached that point quite yet.  A few weeks ago, I took some of my residents to the AZ Quit Show.  There were tons of vendors and I was like a kid in a candy store.  I found one booth filled with vintage Czech glass buttons.  Holy Cow!  They were/are gorgeous!  The gal was from Venice Beach and her stock was very reasonably priced.

Then there was the vendor out of Connecticut.  She was *not* reasonably priced, but I couldn’t resist the above buttons.  The red ones look art deco to me and the ones beside them look like cameos.

The above is not a button, but I thought it was gorgeous.

I found this creepy, cutie and just had to have her.  I realize that she looks like something that might be used in voodoo, but she’s got some awesome shoes.

One of my residents gave me this sheet of music.  It used to be her mother’s so that can give you an idea how old it is.

What’s this you may ask?  This is what happens when Scout is bored and takes it upon herself to shake things up a bit.  Let me just say that it is really difficult to salvage such a mess.  Try wiping with those bits.

Finally, since Chuck has been gone, I have had the daunting task of taking care of all his fish tanks — eight in all!  Scout likes to help with the tank in my craft room.  I hope that she doesn’t slip, because that would be one heck of a mess.

Enjoy the weekend! 
Watch "Hamlet 2"  then you too can sing, "Rock Me Sexy Jesus!"  šŸ˜€

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