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    EGGS!! We have two new eggs!! Different momma cause she's smaller and much more skittish but by the end she should be used to us. We had just washed the door and I was going to take the wreath down. Guess we won't be using our front entrance for the month of June. Good thing we're not going anywhere. #clutchnumbertwo #thebirdistheword #cheapproperty

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    These two cuties flew away a week ago. I told them when they hatched they had two weeks to get their sea legs and be on their way. We needed to have access to our front door as we were going out of town. Chucklebutt and I were a bit melancholy after they didn't even come back for a visit. Sigh. We got home late Sunday night and our little nest was empty. Then on Memorial Day, he comes running in the bedroom... #morningdoves #arizona #desertlife

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    There was lots of scrambling on Saturday and Sunday. I think I'm going to be sore for a week! #westclearcreek #arizona #rei1440project #canyons

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Still Waiting To Go Home

It’s 4pm on Saturday, and I am supposed to be home now. Buuuuuuuut, I’m still here.

Chucklebutt called the oncall doctor for my OB/GYN’s office, and it turns out she’s “stuck” somewhere between Chandler and Gilbert, and doesn’t know when she’ll be in the hospital…  But she assures us she’ll be here some time later today…  This eveningTonight?  *sigh*

On the bright side, I’ve noticed my skin looks much better.  Apparently the AZ sun has been doing quite a number with my Rosacea; being indoors for 4 days now has really cleared it up.  I guess I should just stay indoors all the time.  Or MOVE.  Anyone want to buy a nice house out here in the nearly-inhospitable middle-of-the-desert?  Who’s idea was it to move out here anyw—– oh, wait — neeeeeeeevermind.

So, it’s just a waiting game now.  I’ve “passed” all the tests (and for those who have ever had abdominal surgery, you understand why passed is in quotations…) and should be ready to be let out into the world.  If only we can find a doctor to sign on the dotted line…

Oh, well, at least Chuck gets to enjoy the cafeteria for a while longer.

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  • Lois Oburn

    Did you get to go home Saturday and how are you doing now. We have a dinning room manager finally, her name is Julie and she is one of Nick’s x wives, she seems really nice and has had a lot of experience in this line of work.

    We miss you, but take care of yourself and don’t come back until you are fit and able to come.


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