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T Minus Three Days to Daytona

Chucklebutt is leaving for Daytona in three days and he has a little bit more work to do on his bike. No pressure!

That looks like something out of a Terminator movie. I sure hope he knows how to put all that back together. (Incidentally, yes we are a one car and three bike family. Makes for some interesting journeys.)

“Where does this hose go?” You better act quickly Chucklebutt, it’s almost T minus two days!

Not too much going on at the Gibson-Rice household. Mama Puff flew in last night at 11pm. Chucklebutt leaves for Bike Week on Wednesday, and Mom and I are headed back to Jerome next weekend.

I am addicted to swapping, and have joined another:

I discovered this great blog (A Swap For All Seasons) and have joined the Vintage Spring Sweetness Swap. On the first day of spring, we will mail our vintage treasures to our partners.

Finally, Chuck has been active with DP Challenge. Each week the photographers are given a subject matter and they are to post their pics by Tuesday evening. Last week was pet portrait. Kitties are not very cooperative. Check out the video

Here are some regular pics.  Warning!  Gratuitous amounts of kitty cuteness!

I love how Daisy is looking at me while Chuck checks out his shot.

He draped our bed in black fabric and then gave it a liberal sprinkling of white Christmas lights.  The girls didn’t know what to think.

These next ones are my favorite!

Grr!  I’m going to gobble up all the light!  (Be sure to notice the groovey effect in the background.  It’s called bokeh and don’t ask me how he gets his camera to get it.)

“I said I wanted Salmon in my contract NOT tuna!”

Grumble!  Grumble!  Grumble!

I think this is a pretty shot of Scout.  In a perfect world, Chuck would have gotten both the girls together.  Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

If you click on this link, it will take you to his entry.  He didn’t place, but I think it was still a pretty shot.

So is it just me, or is anyone else out there behind in their life?  I’ve got so much to do for work (2 scripts I need to write plus a newsletter and activities calendar) and haven’t changed my sheets in three weeks.  Chucklebutt and I bought paint back in October to do our room, and it is still sitting where I left it the day I bought it.  Plus, I feel like I have no time to do any creative projects.  I’m behind in my correspondence and my best friend’s birthday is coming up and I have yet to mail her gift.  Grrr.  Sorry to vent.

Hope everyone has a good week!

1 comment to T Minus Three Days to Daytona

  • timakers

    There’s a reason they call it “herding cats”, kids. Whereas my dog, you see, I can take all the pictures of her I want. Because she sleeps a lot. But she’s old…

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