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I Miss My Momma!

I miss my momma!  She flew home today after a wonderful visit.  She’s had a rough past two days, complete with locking herself out of my house, learning that her pipes in Asheville had burst, and losing her military id at the airport.  Sheesh! 

Chucklebutt made it safely to Daytona and is freezing his cajones off.  While we have been having 90 degree weather, he’s been traveling in 35 degree weather.  Yipes!  Better him than me.  At the moment, Daytona is dead although hopefully it will liven up this weekend.  I had planned on flying out to be with him, but after the past few weeks, I need some down time just to veg. 

I took Mom back up to Jerome and the locals recognized me.  It’s only a population of 400, so I guess any new faces stick out.  Mom loved the little town and fit right in with the aging hippies.

I love the this old gas pump.  I think it would look cool in our backyard.

This is an old abandoned building but we both really liked the architecture.

Aren’t we cute?  We had a great weekend filled with food and shopping.

On Saturday night, we decided to go to a little restaurant below where we were staying.  The food was delicious, however it took us two and a half hours to eat.  Apparently, there was only an older man cooking, and he made ever dish to order.  After the first hour, our waiter brought us some bread.  By the second, we had finally been given our meal.  Mom and I laughed hysterically about the whole event.  Again, the food was scrumptious, but you best not be starving when you head to this eatery.

I want this bus!

I discovered an awesome yarn store — Knit One, Bead Two.  I purchased some really light weight yarn and am working on a fun scarf.  Be sure to notice the sweater on the wall.  It has skulls on it — eat your heart out Chuck!

Once back at our room, Mom helped me with the daunting task of rolling the yarn.  Don’t I look like a muppet?

We had a wonderful trip and I miss her already.  Check out the amazing book she’s been working on:

The above page makes me smile!

This is my other favorite page.

She raided my stash of vintage lace, ribbonry and flowers.  I love how she added the different elements to the spine.  Great work Mom!  Come back soon and visit!

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