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    Last pic of the night. We're about to be out of service again and we gotta figure out where wee going to sleep. Today was an awesome day! Next stop #glacierherewecome!

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    Chucklebutt was not impressed with the temperature. #livenaked

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    The water was so cold but we both needed to get clean. #HandkerchiefLake #FlatheadNationalForest #montana #letscamp #rei1440project #livenaked

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Did You Labor on Labor Day?

We absolutely did not! On Saturday, we packed up the car and headed to West Clear Creek — my favorite camping/swim site. We discovered this hidden jewel back in 2010. It was a perfect day and we have been trying ever since to recreate it. The key — wait till the end of the summer [...]

Summer Adventures

I can’t believe August is almost over! Where did the time go? Chucklebutt and I have been having quite a few adventures this summer. I’ll have to work my way back chronologically so as not to confuse myself.

This past Saturday, we headed to Aravaipa Canyon just off of highway 77 for the second time [...]