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    How did you get through your #Monday? I made it with #flowers in my hair and my mother's 20 year old #overalls. #isitfridayyet @mamapuff999

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    Here's a close up of the #gnomes I scored at the #thriftstore. I love gnomes! #thriftstorescore #vintage

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    My house is a wreck but I love this little corner of it. #whimsey #whimsical #gnomes @maryengelbreit

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Live Long & Prosper!

Chucklebutt and I saw the new Star Trek movie last night and it ROCKED! He wasn’t too keen on it (he has issues with JJ Abrahms) but after Leonard Nimoy’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last week, he figured he owed it to the original Spock. Chuck is definitely an old school Trekker Trekkie and […]

The Best Vampire Movie Ever…

A couple days ago, Chucklebutt and I rented two movies. One was The Day the Earth Stood Still (Klaatu baada nikto!) the other was Let the Right One In — touted as “the best vampire movie ever.”

So, that byline is a bit misleading. It should read something like, “the best vampire movie to ever […]