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    First week back at the theatre and I've got some dynamite kids! It's going to be a great season. #evct #rainbows #cloudporn #clouds #TGIF

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    Close up of his face. I haven't named him yet-my muse is still thinking. #paperclay #artdoll #pumpkin #Halloween #getcrafty

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    I know it's still August, but I am already getting excited for #Halloween. After getting some inspiration from @lisaloria I created this #paperclay #pumpkin #fairy. I love the embellishments that @tim_holtz has, especially the little lantern. Get ready girls to #craft at my house!

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Springtime, the Light Rail and Advance Directives

On Monday, my residents and I took a trip to the end of the light rail. We voted on the massive project back in 2004 (the year Chucklebutt and I moved to hell) and lots of folks said it would never work. All I can say is it was jam-packed (on account of opening day [...]