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    Just in case you thought I forgot I'm in the Lake District. We had a super busy day today and are whooped. The scenery was amazing, the lakes were gorgeous and now I'm ready for bed. #momsbig70 #lakedistrict #newlandspass

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    Beauty. #momsbig70 #emmabridgewaterfactory #emmabridgewaterfactorytour #rose #flowers

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    This is for @cdrice999 who I miss bunches. "What's up chicken??!?" #emmabridgewaterfactory #emmabridgewaterfactorytour #stokeontrent #fancychicken #markwalhberg

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Springtime, the Light Rail and Advance Directives

On Monday, my residents and I took a trip to the end of the light rail. We voted on the massive project back in 2004 (the year Chucklebutt and I moved to hell) and lots of folks said it would never work. All I can say is it was jam-packed (on account of opening day […]