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    EGGS!! We have two new eggs!! Different momma cause she's smaller and much more skittish but by the end she should be used to us. We had just washed the door and I was going to take the wreath down. Guess we won't be using our front entrance for the month of June. Good thing we're not going anywhere. #clutchnumbertwo #thebirdistheword #cheapproperty

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    These two cuties flew away a week ago. I told them when they hatched they had two weeks to get their sea legs and be on their way. We needed to have access to our front door as we were going out of town. Chucklebutt and I were a bit melancholy after they didn't even come back for a visit. Sigh. We got home late Sunday night and our little nest was empty. Then on Memorial Day, he comes running in the bedroom... #morningdoves #arizona #desertlife

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    There was lots of scrambling on Saturday and Sunday. I think I'm going to be sore for a week! #westclearcreek #arizona #rei1440project #canyons

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Springtime, the Light Rail and Advance Directives

On Monday, my residents and I took a trip to the end of the light rail. We voted on the massive project back in 2004 (the year Chucklebutt and I moved to hell) and lots of folks said it would never work. All I can say is it was jam-packed (on account of opening day […]