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    I'm digging my new #Nadir dress! I fell in love with this Italian designer last year. This is my first piece and I snagged it on #ebay. #ewaiwalla #magnoliapearl #frillyfrocks

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    Made a prehistoric friend today at @eclecticsuzi house. This is Dora and she/he is a #deserttortoise and apparently loves #strawberries. I am so digging these creatures and am wondering how the girls would deal. #wildlife #arizona #lolreptiles #jurassicpark #nomnom

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    Since the north side was closed, we headed to the south side. After having swum with the icebergs, #TwoMedicine was downright warm- not really but warmer than what we had experienced the past few days. #swimming #glaciernationalpark #gnp #ihazasad

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

My great-great-great-great (there may be a few more greats thrown in for good measure) grandfather was from Ireland. He immigrated to the United States in the mid-seventeen hundreds and his name was Joseph Gibson. Here’s to Papa Joe!

I discovered this today and laughed my booty off.

Chucklebutt discovered something amazing in our garden: