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    How did you get through your #Monday? I made it with #flowers in my hair and my mother's 20 year old #overalls. #isitfridayyet @mamapuff999

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    Here's a close up of the #gnomes I scored at the #thriftstore. I love gnomes! #thriftstorescore #vintage

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    My house is a wreck but I love this little corner of it. #whimsey #whimsical #gnomes @maryengelbreit

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Still Waiting To Go Home

It’s 4pm on Saturday, and I am supposed to be home now. Buuuuuuuut, I’m still here.

Chucklebutt called the oncall doctor for my OB/GYN’s office, and it turns out she’s “stuck” somewhere between Chandler and Gilbert, and doesn’t know when she’ll be in the hospital… But she assures us she’ll be here some time later […]

Solid Food, A Shower and A Full Stapler

Lots of news from the Jiggle-Puff front… Still being transcribed by the Butt of the Chuckle, but I might be up to making my own updates soon!

Solid Food

Yay! I’m finally off the fluid diet and allowed to eat solid (well, softy solid) food! Chucklebutt is still trying to talk me into the BBQ […]