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Solid Food, A Shower and A Full Stapler

Lots of news from the Jiggle-Puff front…  Still being transcribed by the Butt of the Chuckle, but I might be up to making my own updates soon!

Solid Food

Yay!  I’m finally off the fluid diet and allowed to eat solid (well, softy solid) food!  Chucklebutt is still trying to talk me into the BBQ pizza, but I’m not quite up for that just yet.

Finally, A Shower!

There was a bit of a mix-up among the doctor, CNA, RNs, nurses and whomever-else-was-involved, so I didn’t get my official hospital-authorized shower, but Mama-Puff helped me out today, and I feel cleeeeeeeeeeeean again!

Staples Out

The only remaining procedure I was concerned about turned out to be a non-event altogether.  They took out my staples this afternoon, and as worried as I was about how much it would hurt……… I hardly felt a thing.  Mama Puff and Chucklebutt had me all worked up, offering me stuff to bite down on and stifle my screams, but in the end, I didn’t even whimper.  They offered me the box-full of staples they removed (I have about 8-9 inches of incision they were holding together), as they said some people like to make necklaces out of them, but I respectfully declined…

No More IV

They finally took out my IV and removed my oxygen cannula — so no more tubes!  I still have the IV catheter in my hand so they can give me shots or draw blood, but aside from that, I’m back to being “me”!

Turns Out Vicodin Makes Me Itch

Who knew?  I guess I have another allergy — I’ll add it to my list.

A Hospital of Healing

Something I’ve come to find out since staying here is that Mercy Gilbert was recently proclaimed to be the #1 Healing Hospital in the nation by The Baptist Healing Trust.  I found it especially interesting that they have Reflection Touch Cards at each door — where staff pause before entering each room; and there is virtually no intercom noise — they only use the hospital intercom system as a method of last resort, and the entire time I’ve been here, we’ve only heard it used once.

Chuck definitely ranks their cafeteria as the #1 hospital cafeteria in the nation.  And he knows his food.

Chuck is reading all your email and comments to me — so keep’em comin!  I’m sorry that I can’t reply to them all just yet.  I’ll have plenty of time while I’m laid-up in bed at home in the coming days, I’m sure…

2 comments to Solid Food, A Shower and A Full Stapler

  • Jan Moretz Lowry

    Let’s hear it for non-events! I am so thankful the staple removal didn’t hurt. When mom had a large tumor removed in the early 80’s (8lbs, cantaloupe-sized…eeeeww), they were just starting to use surgical staples (at least a Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte). My sis and I were both C-section babes so mom already had a rockin’ scar. The doc told her he’d use the same port-o-entry for tumor removal. Mom joked and suggested they put in a zipper. She thought they had taken her up on it when she was coming out of annesthesia and saw a metal track on her belly. Nicole, imagine if you will, the sweet (yet disappointed) expression on Ste. Ann’s face. 🙂
    I love you! Keep up the good work with all the healing and stuff.

  • Ummmm, we think you could use those staples in some sort of altered art project…dontcha think? Hugs!

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