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Jerome Part Deux

For those of you that know Chuck and I, we are avid geocachers.  In a nutshell, it’s a world wide treasure hunt.  All you need is a GPS and some really good walking shoes.  Our hobby has really taken us to some uber cool sights.  Specifically, we’ve discovered some amazing cemeteries.

This cemetery was just below the main area of Jerome.  To the right of Chuck are most of the graves.  They are all enclosed with intricate gates.

There were very few actual tombstones.  They were more like primitive markers. 

I loved this grave.  It reminded me of something from an old Western.

You can see the town in the background and perhaps a ghostly apparition on the right.  ;D  Afterwards, we headed out of town and hit an old pioneer cemetery.

Check out those crosses!

This cross is made from old pipe.  The concrete crosses are deteriorating.

So Chuck has photo-shopped his own blemishes out of this pic.  He left, however, the blem above my upper lip.  All I can say is that I am going to leave the waxing to the professionals.  Ouch!

Valentine’s Day night, we headed to the little town of Clarkdale.

Isn’t that sign awesome?  Clarkdale is a cute little town with fun shops.  Hopefully when Mom and I go back I can check out the yarn & fiber store.  I’m a junky for funky fibers!  Dinner was yummy, complete with tuna sashimi, pina coladas, filet mignon and creme brulee. 

This is looking back towards Jerome.  Notice all the snow on the mountain.   The following day we headed up above Jerome towards the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town.

Thank goodness we had the truck.  Those roads were pretty precarious.

This was the first snowman we’ve made in years.  

Like my new hat?  I got it at Lola’s (whatever she wants!).  I could have bought twenty.

The big stalk to my right is part of an agave plant.  Right before this picture was taken, I wiped out in the snow and impaled myself on one.  I think the agave was once called the "cowboy killer."  OMG it hurt like hell!  Not only would it not stop bleeding, but it ached all night long.

I kept chucking snowballs at Chuck (hahahahahahaha!).  He didn’t have a very good aim and I was able to nimbly elude him.  😀    Once we worked up an appetite, we headed to the Haunted Hamburger for some delicious burgers.

Everytime we passed the restaurant, it had a huge wait line.  We decided to hang tough and it was well worth it.  It’s called the Haunted Hamburger because apparently there are spooks living in the building with a penchant for hammers.  

This was the local general store next door.  I had to visit the first day on account I left with my toothbrush, comb and conditioner at home.  (No comment Mom.)  Eventually, we found our way up to Mingus Mountain and lots of snow!

The snow is half way to my knees!

Why is Chucklebutt violating that tree?  It’s a geocaching thing.

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  • anonymous

    No comment from Mom. The pictures are beautiful and I can’t wait to see Jerome. I’m glad you did the geocaching because I don’t think I would have been able to do all that walking.

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